On Demand Video: Optimize Your Process to Maximize Impact

How efficient is your current small business loan operation? Do you have insight into the cost of customer acquisition?  Are you measuring the cost of loan origination?  Is everything done manually or do you have multiple systems, each dealing with a different aspect...

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On Demand Video: How to turn your website into a lead generation tool

In 2014, 2.2 million businesses, located in low-income communities, sought credit while CDFIs originated just over 12,300 small business loans. Online small business lenders have stepped in to fill that gap, with multi-million dollar marketing budgets to bring in customers and a streamlined, repeatable process that leads to an enhanced customer experience.

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On Demand Video: Online lenders – How do CDFIs compete?

They market themselves as quick and easy. Small business borrowers can apply and be approved for a loan over the internet in no time. Online lenders aren’t regulated, their numbers are growing and they are spending a large portion of their revenue to acquire new customers. How can Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) possibly compete?

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